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Examples of Dangerous Goods include Lithium batteries, Flammable Goods. Refer to above link for further information


You can now ship documets internationally with Couriernow™.

Couriernow™ is your new premium service to help you choose, book and manage your shipping, from the smallest parcels to large freight.  Couriernow™ gives you the world's first free online Freight Management Tool™.  We pass onto you and support volume discounts with the world's best courier and freight companies.


Please note you will need a Printer to use this service and we do not ship Dangerous Goods.

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Couriernow is now offering international services with one of the world's largest courier companies.

Couriernowis delighted to announce it now offers its customers a number of import, export from Australia and other countries.

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Couriernow™ partners with AaE, a leading provider of transport services within the freight industry.  We are delighted to now offer AaE™, a joint venture between QANTAS and Australia Post with the most powerful and flexible distribution infrastructure in Australia.

See the AaEinformation page for more about our key partner.


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